Herbal Springs Farmstead grew out of my interest in herbs. To supply my love of interesting plants we constructed a small greenhouse to grow them. The first year I became aware of the Landis Valley Herb and Garden Faire and rented a stand, which I have been a part of ever since. I also attend a Bryn Mawr Farmers Market every Saturday May - June. My interest expanded to perennials and shrubs. I have a niche market of hard to find herbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs, especially Natives, in a Lancaster County Farm setting.


After about 20 years, I made the decision to close the retail center. AGE, parking, space and transfer of farm are the reasons. Plans are to build a new house on the ridge.

I loved what I did and would do it all again. There is a miracle in planting a seed, watching it sprout, then grow green leaves, push a bud and turn into a beautiful flower. As my interest changed into Native Plants, the Pollinators came. Walking about the flowering plants, butterflies would flutter around me. In Spring when Baptisia blooms, watching the bees pushing themselves into the tunnel of the flower buds and wiggle themselves out again was fascinating. Seeing the different pollinators and beneficial insects in midsummer made the intense sun bearable. And in autumn the Asters and Goldenrods fluttering with all kinds of God's creation just added to the beauty. But as the seasons changed year after year, winter always came.  I somehow got older and my energy is tapering off. Winter in my life,  is around the corner. I want to have sometime to enjoy all these things on a personal level in my own garden. I also want to say to my husband, who was my maintenance man "Grow old along with me the best is yet to be."

But what I will miss the most is my customers! I love people! I loved meeting you! Many of you have become friends as I looked forward to seeing you year after year. Some of you didn't return, then your families came and said you passed on, and we missed you together. I enjoyed helping you pick out the best plant for the best place; telling you which plants attract and host the butterflies; watching the pollinators together. I would listen for the red mustang pulling into the driveway.(You know who you are!) Hearing about how your gardens are growing brightened my day. Thanks to those who invited me to visit your home gardens to see what you have done with the plants. ( Sorry I couldn't visit them all.) I loved to use the herbs in baking and cooking and sharing recipes  and sipping the mint tea together. Sometimes I honestly wonder how I will survive without you all! Please, stop in and visit me!

But God has been faithful in all my years and He will continue to be! I know I will fill up my time with things to do. But I will forever have a huge part of my heart left in the  plants God has blessed the earth with. Remember me as you watch your gardens grow and thank the Lord for beauty of it all!

May God bless all of you


DIRECTIONS: From the Walmart at 222 and 322 junction, take 322 west. Watch for Fisher's Paints on the left, turn left onto Bethany Rd., at the 2nd left turn left onto Brossman Rd., we are the 2nd greenhouse, the last place on the right. Watch for a red garage and the Native Plants sign.

447 Brossman Rd.

Ephrata, PA  17522


EMAIL - herbalsprings@hotmail.com